Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So to redeem myself of not posting in nearly eight months i found it only necessary to embark on the raddest adventure and tell the tales of beer bowls and heckling first hand (and there was plenty of all three of those). Six skaters meet up with the seventh in jonesboro for a sesh and then go to the extra gnar skate warehouse known as the gnar gnar shack for further brews and a session. After a long night of sleeping on a ramp we then left for the first stop in russelville, Ar. The park was wet so we head to the mom and pop owned indoor park that is for some reason closed. Not looking well we then head to the indoor park in fayetteville, Ar for a dry sesh and shotguns in the parking lot. With helmets attached we seshed the indoor park all day (video up soon, hopefully). Good stop if you wanna make a trip. Then at sundown we head to a fellow skater and musicians friend Mark Landry's house which is on an awesome farm where he has built a ramp is surely to be in the hall of raddness record book. Slept on his floor where he graced us with his great talent of playing the banjo and showed us his spectacular ability of building instruments and amps outta everyday house wear. So we got to have a miniature session on the dump n grind whilst it was slowing drying in the morning sun. We packed up and headed to the crete park in fayetteville, sesh was caught and we moved on to eureka spring's outdoor crete park which is located in the side of a mountain. The sesh was short but rad and then we headed for a long ride home that was full of shenanigans. This trip was epic, tons of fun, beer, whiskey, meat, fast food, dumps and grinds and an epic time that can only be had like daddy does. special thanks to the guys at gnar gnar shack, and the truly amazing guy that built the only skateable outhouse known to man. thanks Mark for letting us sleep on your floor.

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